Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Publisher Valve’s modern military shooter is free for anyone with Steam this weekend.¬†Gamers can download the game here or get it directly from Steam.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest update to Valve’s long-running first-person-shooter franchise. It keeps most of what made Counter-Strike one of the most popular multiplayer games for years while improving the visuals. The developer spiced¬†things up with new characters, weapons, maps, and modes.

A free weekend like this is probably the best way to give CS: GO a try for the first time since it’s more likely that people of various skill levels will be playing.

Steam is offering a full version for $9.99 through November 5. After that date, the game will sell for $14.99. CS: GO is also available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network although these platforms do not benefit from this free-weekend promotion.