In the Matrix trilogy, Neo has powers of telekinesis, superhuman strength and agility and precognition. In the real world (or is it?), Neo has the power to make graphs and raise venture capital money.

Neo Technology provides graph databases to enterprise companies. Its flagship product Neo4j is an NOSQL open-source database that helps organizations process and interpret large amounts of data from multiple sources. Clients include large companies like Adobe, Intuit, Cisco, Deutsche Telecome, Accenture, and Mozilla, as well as startups such as Squidoo, Glassdoor, FiftyThree, and Teachscape.

According to the website, graphs are everywhere,” and the company has raised $11 million to precipitate the mass adoption of graph databases. All of the existing institutional investors are following up with this second round of financing, including Sunstone Capital, Fidelity Growth Partners Europe and Conor Venture partners. This brings the total investment to $24 million, following a $10.6 million round last September. 

Headquarters are in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, and Malaysia. Read the press release.