Fus Ro Dafuq

So you played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so much that you lost your job, significant other, and friends. That’s too bad, but we have good news: It looks like Bethesda Game Studios will release a new add-on pretty soon, so you’ll have something to do with all of your spare time.

Bethesda tweeted the picture above, noting that it will release a full trailer on Monday, November 5. That’s all the information the developer provided, but we’ve heard rumors that the add-on could be titled Dragonborn and take place in Morrowind, which was the setting of The Elder Scrolls III.

Skyrim is a first-person role-playing game set in the fictional realm of Tamriel. It’s available for PC, Xbox 360, and PC.

Bethesda released two downloadable content packs prior to this. In May, Dawnguard told a tale of vampires and vampire hunters. In September, Hearthfire introduced home-building and parenting.

Bethesda Game Studios is the development wing of publisher Bethesda Softworks. It worked on The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3.