iPad mini car dashboard

A day after Apple’s new iPad mini tablets hit retail shelves, people are already starting to do creative things with it.

For example, the guys over at Soundman (who also do the Amplified web show on Revision3) have already installed the smaller tablet into the dashboard of a 2010 Volkswagen CC.

The iPad mini connects using Bluetooth wireless, and is held in place within the dashboard by using magnets. Yes, that means you don’t have to leave your new $330 toy within your vehicle for eager thieves to steal. That’s pretty useful unless you just enjoy paying for new side windows and cleaning up shards of glass.

The smaller size of the iPad mini make it a far more practical option than the regular 10-inch iPad, and certainly easier to use while driving than an iPhone/iPod Touch.

The down side to having this installed into your car is that you risk some really boring drives if you ever lose your iPad mini. Still, it is pretty cool. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.