As Barnes & Noble prepares for the launch of its brand spankin’ new Nook HD and HD+, the company is apparently looking to unload some of its old stock by dropping the prices.

The company’s 7-inch Nook Color will now sell for $139 ($10 cheaper) while its Nook Tablet will sell for $159 (8Gb) and $179 (16Gb). The move comes just months after Barnes & Noble’s last price reduction on both products. Presumably, it needs to make room for its latest models, and making the old stock cheaper is a good way to do that.

Barnes & Noble is set to release its 7-inch Nook HD ($199) and 9-inch Nook HD+ ($269) Nov. 8, but the new prices on the older model Nooks go into effect tomorrow, according to the company.

Will you be purchasing an older Nook at the lower price? Let us know in the comments.