Street Fighter movie

After the disastrous abomination that was the 1993 Super Mario Bros. live-action movie, my expectations of a decent silver-screen adaptation of Street Fighter II were depressingly low.

Still, I watched the film on its opening day (December 23, 1994) anyway, and as expected, it was a disaster. Horrible casting choices, a ludicrous plot, and laughable dialog made me hate myself for wasting money I could have spent at the arcade.

As a huge fan of Capcom’s fighting game series and a cinema aficionado (and a masochist, apparently), I recently acquired the Blu-ray version of Street Fighter (under $10!) and gave the flick a second chance 18 years later.

Maybe it’s because I’m still caught up in the excitement of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Street Fighter series, but I actually enjoyed bits and pieces of the wretched movie this time around. I am so stunned that I’m sharing with you 15 aspects of the film that didn’t trigger my gag reflex.