Minecraft treehouse

Creating and customizing one’s world in Minecraft can provide a great sense of pride. Now those accomplishments can be manifested into a physical model thanks to FigurePrints, the same company that makes 3D models of unique Xbox Live Avatars and World of Warcraft characters.

FigurePrints uses a 3D printer to bring a select portion of your Minecraft world to life via a special exporter program. According the company cost runs roughly one dollar per 500 blocks, so depending on how outrageously intricate your proposed selection is, a model could make for an excellent holiday gift for that special Minecrafter in your life.

More details can be found on the FigurePrints site, and if you’re interested in how the 3D printing process works, FigurePrints has a short video detailing how it makes custom World of Warcraft character models.