Missed Microsoft’s Build conference this year? Now you can watch all of the sessions online at Microsoft’s Channel 9 website.

Non-developers should stick to the two keynotes, which offer a glimpse at some interesting Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 features. (Microsoft also kindly livestreamed those keynotes as they occurred earlier this week.) All of the other session videos are new to the wev, but will likely only interest devs.

I argued last week that Build was Microsoft’s most important event ever — primarily because the company desperately needs developers to build apps. Windows 8 will likely attract devs as more people install it, but Windows Phone still needs strong apps to compete with iOS and Android.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy killed my plans to attend Build. Aside from initial excitement over developers receiving free Surface tablets and Lumia 920 smartphones, I didn’t see much else really causing them to cheer from my remote viewpoint. (If you were at Build and want to chat about it, drop me a line.)

Via Engaget; Photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat