Ever since George Lucas sold his Star Wars empire to Disney, the world has wanted to know: What does this mean for the upcoming mobile game Angry Birds Star Wars?

OK, well, maybe no one asked that, but we could answer it now that the game is a few days away from its Thursday release for iOS devices and Android. Developer Rovio released a new trailer that illustrates the Star Wars-ness of this newest Angry Birds.

In previous Angry Birds games, players could use special abilities that would speed up or multiply the birds while they were in the air. In this Star Wars variation, Rovio gives the player a lightsaber to deflect enemy fire and a Han Solo blaster to shoot the piggies dressed like Stormtroopers. The Obi-Wan Kenobi bird uses Force powers, and the Chewbacca bird is simply big.

Angry Birds doesn’t skimp on the Star Wars visuals. Early levels are set on Tatooine while a piggy-shaped Death Star hangs ominously in the background of later stages. In fact, it looks like the game will follow the plot of A New Hope.

Interestingly, the pigs often take the form of the sci-fi franchise’s enemy TIE fighters, but the Millennium Falcon maintains its traditional form, even though the name could easily lend itself to a bird-related pun. Congratulations to Rovio on restraining themselves.