Publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE are bringing the Battlefield celebration to the people.

It’s the Battlefield franchise’s 10th anniversary, and fans can hop onto EA’s digital-download service, Origin, and download Battlefield 1942 for free right now. Battlefield is DICE’s long running first-person military shooter series. The most recent entry, Battlefield 3, is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

“When we launched Battlefield 1942 10 years ago, we had lofty ambitions to create a first-person shooter that would push the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and design. We evolved the FPS gameplay formula by introducing the world to all-out warfare via land, air and sea,” said DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson. “Since the beginning, the reception to the Battlefield series has been incredible thanks to our amazing fans. Every day, we strive to provide our community with great games and new ways to play as evident with Battlefield 3 Premium. We wanted to thank our fans who have supported us throughout the years by restoring Battlefield 1942 for a digital re-release and give everyone a chance to play the game that started it all.”

DICE also pointed out that Battlefield 3 just hit a major milestone of its own. Battlefield 3 Premium, which is a supplemental service that provides players with stat tracking and downloadable content for $49.99, recently hit two million subscribers. Stack that cheddar on top of the 17 million units sold and it’s clear just how important Battlefield is to EA’s portfolio.

Origin users can find the Battlefield 1942 download link here.