It looks like Google and Microsoft might be getting into the wireless network business — at least in the U.K.

The two titans of tech could purchase a portion of white space (unused) spectrum in the U.K., according to a report today from The Telegraph. A high-ranking government official told the publication that both companies have expressed “extreme interest.”

“They clearly see it as very, very important,” the government source told The Telegraph. “They have shown extreme interest in this as a way of getting closer to customers and offering something different to Apple.”

The spectrum is currently being allocated for broadcast television and radio services. However, many interested parties want to repurpose that portion of the spectrum for rural broadband Internet access. That means people who don’t yet have access to high-speed Internet would gain it — and potentially through one of the larger tech companies.

This could be an advantage for either Microsoft or Google because the people who use that spectrum would more than likely end up using that company’s web services.

Via The Verge