Is the iPad mini mightier than the sword? If this destruction video is any indication, not one bit.

I’ve seen Apple products destroyed by a lot of things — power drills, axesexplosives — but this one might just be the most historically inaccurate. Basically, it involves an armored knight, a broadsword, and an ending that should break the hearts of anyone whose tried by failed to get their hands on an iPad mini.

In short, if King Arthur ever got frustrated with his iPad, the resulting execution would look a lot like this.

As with a lot of device destruction clips, this one is all about marketing. The video was created by ClearPlex, a company that creates durable film for protecting windshields and smartphone screens. While that probably wouldn’t save any sort of device from the full force of a sword, I think I get what they’re going for. (Not new to technological sadism, ClearPlex also blew some holes in an iPhone 5 with a handgun, those monsters).

Destruction videos make for good marketing fodder because they’re polarizing, visually magnetizing, and appeal to that same part of our brains that loves to watch cars crash and models tumble down runways. They’re all about taking something beautiful and dragging it through the mud. Whether they’re useful is debatable, but you can’t deny that they’re effective.

Oh, and speaking of destruction videos, SquareTrade also recently caused the iPad mini some pain via a drop test.  You can find that video below as well.