Cloud analytics and optimization company Newvem released the first-ever native iPhone app to help companies manage their Amazon web services today.

Cloud Smart Meter shows IT managers, CIOs, and developers what they’re using, how much they’re spending, and what’s currently not working — or might be about to go down.

“Everyone is constantly on their iPad or iPhone,” Newvem chief executive Zev Laderman told me. “Forget the dashboard … they don’t have time to be on the screen.”

Instead, Newvem included only the most relevant features, including “unhealthy servers,” machines behind a load balancer that might be about to crash.

“Instead of showing 35 things that are OK,” he said, “we just show the CIO what the red is.”

Newvem says the app can help Amazon Web Services customers improve security by notifying them of open ports on machines. It claims it can save them money as well, giving them data on underutilized services that they can then turn off or reduce.

“We let companies see the forest for the trees,” Laderman says, saying that Newvem “analyzes and highlights what is critical for you to be on top of in your cloud.”

Once users see that there is an issue, they can deal with it personally or send an alert to a member of their technical team.

The new app can help AWS clients respond quicker  to changing circumstances, Laderman says. “The whole cloud is about changing your technology to meet a varying load … growing and shrinking in a very usage-based model.”

Newvem currently manages over 700 clouds for companies small and large.

photo credit: jaci XIII via photopin cc