While Apple finally put its iPad mini commercial out for public consumption over the weekend, some fans of Microsoft’s new line of tablets have already started to produce spoofs.

The video above parody’s the Apple commercial that starts our with someone playing a piano via Garage Band. However, the iPad mini is replaced with a Surface tablet, which starts blaring some upbeat music. It then starts zipping around the screen, breaks the iPad’s screen as well as the mechanical hand that was playing the piano. The video ends with a warning sign that reads “Caution: Hot Surface, Do Not Touch,”

The video, created by Seattle-based creative firm Cinesaurus, is better than any of the commercials we’ve seen from Microsoft thus far.

Just to be certain, we’ve contacted the creative team to find out if Microsoft hired them. Either way, the video (embedded above) is worth checking out. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.