Facebook wants you to know that its 13-month-old Open Graph platform, the platform that allows app makers to create experiences that give them exposure through Facebook Timeline and Ticker, is every bit the big deal it promised at launch. The company today touted new stats around the crop of Facebook-enhanced music applications to prove its point.

Since late September of last year, Facebook members have streamed 62.6 million songs for a total of 22 billion plays through Timeline music apps. These applications, as you’ll recall, connect to Facebook to allow members to seamlessly share what they’re listening to with their friends, and to listen along with friends’ selections.

Facebook’s role in creating a fabric between the people who use Timeline music apps and their friends on the social network is proving to be a boon to third-party app makers, the company iterated once again.

Internet radio playlist app 8tracks is doing especially well. “8tracks users generate four million shares back to Facebook weekly, resulting in 65 million story impressions, with Facebook now ranking as one of 8tracks’ major sources of referral traffic,” Facebook’s Lincoln Hochberg wrote on the company’s developer blog.

Songza, an application for finding pre-fabricated playlists based on mood and setting, is also seeing a big bump in referral traffic from Facebook. Facebook sent 1 million referrals to the service in a 30-day period, Hochberg said. Facebook-connected users also listen about 20 percent longer than other users, he added.

UK-transplant Spotify is also apparently continuing to see healthy growth from Facebook’s connective tissue, though the social network did not share any specifics on growth.

Altogether, Facebook said that song plays through Timeline apps have amounted to about 210,000 years worth of music. I’m not exactly sure what that statement means, but doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?

Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr