funny text message

If you’re a Google Voice user, today is not a good day to be sexting. The voice over IP calling service had a glitch this morning that associated incorrect phone numbers with outgoing text messages.

“Google Voice experienced an issue displaying the incorrect caller ID for outbound SMS. The issue should now be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

People using SMS messaging ran into the problem earlier this morning when text messages were being sent with random numbers, as opposed to the person’s selected Google Voice number. The issue was spotted by The Verge when a number of people began complained the switch-up on Google Voice’s forums. Some on the forums explained that the problem spanned across operating systems, but didn’t affect calls.

To add to the confusion, however, the phone numbers changed with each text message, interrupting any conversation threads.

Google says the glitch has been fixed, but you should check each message throughout the day, just to make sure. You should also check to make sure you weren’t affected earlier in the day. Many businesses use Google Voice and if you missed the text message glitch, you might want to get in touch with your contacts to make sure there wasn’t any confusion.

Funny text message image via Shutterstock