Today’s presidential, congressional, and local elections in the United States will likely lead to great consequences — no matter who is elected. But if you’re registered to vote and you have not participated in early voting, today is your last chance for a long while to participate directly in democracy.

But where to actually place your vote?

There are several options available online to help you find your correct polling station:

• Google Elections Tool — The single most effective tool I’ve come across to find the location of your polling station is Google’s Elections tool. Just put your address into the tool and Google will place your polling station on a Google Map. Next to the map will be a list of candidates that will appear on your specific ballot, including President, Senators, and Representatives.

Facebook Polling Location Search Tool — If you’ve got Facebook open in a tab like I often do, this might be a good option. I wasn’t able to find my own polling station, but some other addresses I tried worked perfectly well.

• State election websites — If Google and Facebook don’t help you, it’s time to dig into your state’s election website. Type in “Vote” and your state into your search engine (“Vote Ohio” for example) and the first result will likely be your state’s election site. Once there, find a tab that says something to the degree of “Find My Polling Station.”

Let us know in the comments if you found your polling station today and if you had any issues voting.

Polling station photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat