Today marks a very important day in the U.S., and possibly even the world over: Halo 4 is now available on retail shelves. Also, there’s this election for the president of the United States as well as many other congressional races, which is just a tad more important.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best ways to follow the election results as they come in.

YouTube Election Hub

Just like it’s done with the three major presidential candidate debates, YouTube’s election hub is providing live streaming coverage of election day. Additionally, you’ll be able to quickly scroll though a tab of YouTube video partners that are covering election day, including King, ABC News, Al Jazeera, the New York Times, BuzzFeed, WSJ Live, and Univision.

Bing’s Election Site

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has put together an impressive tool that organizes the election into several categories for easy consumption. The most prominent feature is a map of all the states as they report voting results. If you’re unable to watch video during the day, this is a pretty good option for you to keep in a tab on your browser. The election search tool also organizes election day news into various categories. You can view news and information by each state’s individual results, video results, and by candidate. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Ustream Channels

Ustream has plenty of news partners providing coverage on election day, including CBS News, PBS News Hour, the Chicago Tribune, and a handful of others. In my experiences during each of the presidential debates (using a fast broadband connection), I found Ustream’s video stream to be more reliable that even YouTube.


Perhaps you don’t want any political commentators or a glut of ads surrounding your viewing of the election coverage. Well, both PBS and public access channel CSPAN are providing “vanilla” live streaming options, although both don’t really get started until closer to when the polls start shutting down.

Video The Vote

One organization, Video the Vote,  is asking people to document their voting experience by snapping pictures or (more importantly) taking some short videos while in line at the polling precincts. It’s also encouraging voters to record any instance of difficulty they’re having when voting. This is a great idea because not only does it keep a watchful eye out for wrongdoing, but it also helps provide people with knowledge ahead of time so they can avoid confusion or complication. The main site gives some examples of what people can look for, such as voter intimidation, long lines, etc.

Indecision 2012

If you find election coverage tedious, but still want to follow election day results as they come in, Comedy Central is providing a live stream for its Indecision 2012 program. As they’ve done for the past several elections, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be parodying the election day results as they come in across the country.