Halo 4 LE

The Master Chief and Cortana are back, and Microsoft is planning to make this its biggest game launch ever. Previous Halo collector’s editions have included some interesting prizes, such as a not-so-life-sized replica of Master Chief’s helmet. Has Microsoft and developer 343 Industries rolled out the red carpet for the Halo 4 Limited Edition? Not quite, sadly.

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The $100 Halo 4 Limited Edition is a fairly lame and somewhat flimsy package by any standard, but especially for one heralding the return of one of video gaming’s most successful franchises. Aside from some decent digital content (most notably the three future map packs), the set is stuffed with dull world-building letters and emails. There’s no soundtrack or art book, and there’s no figure. With all the noise made about Master Chief’s more agile redesign and ability to use jetpacks, a figure by Weta would have made for an awesome collector’s set. Or, with the heavy emphasis on Cortana in Halo 4’s story campaign, perhaps a glowing Cortana figure? It’s not like they haven’t made one before, and this set is lacking any sort of main attraction.

Either way, the Limited Edition seems like a poorly planned, uninspired, and overpriced way to welcome Master Chief back.