The sun never sets on the flash-sales empire, and its international growth continues today with the acquisition of True Sparrow Systems, a startup based in Pune, India.

Perhaps “acquisition” is the wrong word. True Sparrow was founded in 2007 by husband-wife team Nishith and Deepa Shah; the duo began working with Fab co-founder and CEO Jason Goldberg on another project in 2008 and were part of the original Fab founding team in 2010, as well.

Today’s announcement, which makes True Sparrow and its 85 employees officially part of the Fab fold, is rather the consummation of a longtime business relationship between friends.

“Nishith & Deepa are family to me,” writes Goldberg today on his personal blog. “I’ve visited them and our team in Pune more than 40 times the past five years. They were special guests at my wedding. They, along with Sunil Khedar, our VP of Engineering who has been with us since the start, are the smartest hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Earlier this year, Fab snapped up German Fab clone Casacanda, the better to serve Europe. Then, the startup bought Llustre, a UK flash-sales clone.

The acquisitions have come on the tail of a massive round of funding a year ago, and they’re all part of Goldberg’s master plan to take over the world and eventually grow into a better-looking Amazon competitor.

The acquisition brings Fab’s total headcount to more than 500, including 230 employees in the company’s New York headquarters, 150 warehouse workers in New Jersey, and 180 employees in Berlin. Goldberg also reveals new business stats: 9 million members worldwide and four products sold every minute.

And the holiday shopping season hasn’t even started yet. We can’t wait to see what Fab looks like come January.

Top image courtesy of Santhosh Kumar, Shutterstock