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Chartboost, which operates a mobile ad network for game developers, says that its data shows that the best days to launch a mobile game are Monday through Wednesday. That may be simple common sense, but it could make a big difference to the bottom line of game developers who have to compete for attention with hundreds of thousands of other apps.

Based on a study of 8,000 games that use the Chartboost network, Wednesday is the most popular day to launch a game on the Apple iTunes App Store. That’s because it is right before Apple updates the App Store on Thursday. But ad rates start to spike on Thursdays as advertisers begin weekend launch campaigns. The ad rates stay high through Saturday and then drop again on Sunday.

Saturday happens to be the busiest day of the week in terms of downloads by users. Wednesdays are the slowest, with 8 percent less traffic than the average day. Saturday has 14 percent more traffic than average. Users are most likely to install and launch new games over the weekend, so the weekend is the best day for cost-per-click ad campaigns.

Chartboost, headed by founder Maria Alegre (pictured above), recently said that the games built by its developers are played more than 4 billion times a month.

[Image credits: Chartboost]

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