GameFly has officially diversified beyond its rent-by-mail service by releasing its official download client for PC games.

The new software operates as a central hub for PC gamers. GameFly’s store has over 1,500 PC titles available for purchase. The Unlimited PC Play feature will give GameFly members — those who subscribe to the rent-by-mail service — unfettered access to hundreds of older titles. Of course, gamers can use this software to manage which console and handheld games they’ll get next from GameFly. A version is also available for Mac.

“We used the positive and constructive feedback from our community during the beta to help make the best product possible,” said GameFly cofounder Sean Spector. “To celebrate the launch of the client, we’re excited to partner with 2K Games to give away their highly acclaimed PC game BioShock for free.”

Anyone who installs the client will get the original BioShock first-person shooter at no charge.

In addition to the gaming services, the client provides news about the industry through GameFly’s subsidiary website ShackNews. Users can also build profiles to connect with friends and share what games they’re playing.

You can find the download link for the new GameFly PC client here.