In the US, biscuits go with gravy. In the UK, biscuits go with tea. In Germany, biscuits go towards  mobile publishing, or at least Netbiscuits do.

Software company Netbiscuits has raised $27 million for its technology that efficiently adapts web applications to smartphones. These days, it is important for companies to have a mobile presence, but creating native apps can be time-consuming and expensive. The Netbiscuit Mobile Cloud Platform powers, optimizes, and delivers web applications across a range of devices, so the business doesn’t have to. It also offers analytics, hosting and monitoring solutions.

Currently, Netbiscuit has a global network made up of 110,000 mobile web apps and sites. It will use this investment to expand further into the US and European markets and work on research and development. Stripes Group led this round, a New York based Venture Capital Firm. Read the press release.