Today, IBM is rolling out a new product for software engineers, a lifecycle management system designed to let them “step back and view a project in its entirety to better understand the hundreds of thousands of complex interactions.”

These aren’t tools for churning out some hinky little side-project mobile app. Rather, IBM wants to help large enterprises with complex systems — think auto manufacturers or aerospace programs or Facebook — to manage software where one tweak to one bit of code can have repercussions for any number of sections of the system’s total of 10 or 15 million lines of code.

The company is also delivering a product for continuous delivery today. Both products are part of the company’s Rational line, which aims for cross-discipline collaboration, efficiency, and skillful handling of large systems.

The Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager, for example, lets engineers search, analyze, organize, and visualize projects from what IBM says is a more holistic point of view. Taking multiple engineering disciplines into account, the company says in a release on the news, “helps an organization make better design decisions by identifying potential conflicts and variables that could delay the project and cause cost overruns.”

Here’s a clip, featuring IBM Rational GM Kristof Kloeckner, on the new software released today:

Both the SmartCloud Continuous Delivery and the Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager are available now on the company’s Rational products site.

Top image courtesy of Sergey150770, Shutterstock