Apple’s iPad makes up 54.5 percent of mobile web traffic on websites using the site optimization service OnSwipe, the company revealed today, compared to just 19.05 percent of web traffic coming from iPhone and 26.45 coming from other mobile devices.

OnSwipe pulled the data from more than 1,200 websites using its service with a sample of more than 29.5 million unique visitors. The company helps companies optimize their mobile websites for touch devices, so it makes sense that OnSwipe’s data would show a particularly high amount of iPad usage. Still, it shows that Apple’s tablet remains a force to be reckoned with for competitors.

In other findings, OnSwipe notes that content sharing through e-mail is declining as consumers move to smaller tablets. Instead, social sharing through Facebook and Twitter sees a huge bump on small tablets. The company also notes that Google Chrome is slightly more popular on iOS with 2.33 percent of usage compared to 2.13 percent on Android.

Not surprisingly, the iPad is also continuing to dominate tablet web traffic share entirely, accounting for 98.10 percent of usage.

A similar polling of data from OnSwipe showed that smaller tablets are also leading to big engagement.