News aggregation service Pulse debuted version 3.0 of its mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad today, which brings lots of new features and interface tweaks.

The service allows you to pull in news sources from hundreds of different web publications and customize how it’s grouped together via category pages. With version 3.0, Pulse now lets you pin an unlimited number of sources/sites to your custom pages, and doesn’t limit how many different pages you can create. That should come in pretty handy for people who want to monitor for ultra specific news from just a handful of sources. For instance, you can now devote a separate page for NFL football, college football, baseball, college basket ball, etc.

After playing with the iPhone/iPad version for a while, it seems like Pulse 3.0 focuses on making its mobile apps more consistent with the recently launched web app version of the service. Pages are no longer displayed as horizontal tabs along the top of your sources. Instead, you navigate between pages using a sidebar that’s very similar to the web app. The new side bar also makes it much easier for you to reference any saved stories.

Pulse 3.0 also contains a new feature that lets you search for specific news that isn’t easily found within your custom pages. Its new news search tool scans Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Flickr, Blekko, and others.

The new apps (pictured below) are available now via the Google Play store and Apple’s App store.

Pulse iOS

Pulse mobile app