Firespotter Labs has introduced a new enterprise-class version of its UberConference software, a visual reinvention of conference calling from the creator of Google Voice.

UberConference won the top prize at TechCrunch Disrupt New York in May because the premise of “reinventing the conference call” is attractive and the software is polished and smart. UberConference calls show who is talking at the moment, mutes lines of people who aren’t speaking, and generally tries to fix any of the weird quirks that plague every conference call.

“With companies spending over $3 billion annually in the U.S. on audio conferencing, users deserve a better experience than what they’ve put up with for the past 30 years,” Craig Walker, CEO of Firespotter Labs and creator of Google Voice, in a statement. “UberConference Business offers entire organizations an experience far superior to any other conference calling service available today.”

UberConference Business also promises the following features that make it stand out from its regular product:

Increased Conference Size: Have up to 40 people on a single conference call.
Outbound Dialing to Join: Check the outbound calling box when you schedule your conference call and ÜberConference Business will automatically dial you and the other participants when it’s time for your call.
Call Recording: Record any or all of your ÜberConferences. MP3s are available for each recording and saved as part of the call summary.
Start Without Me: Set up a conference call without having to be on it.
Removal of Branding: Remove the “this free conference call is provided by…” messaging at the start of every call.
Dedicated Support: Chat or email with us if you have questions.

UberConference Business incorporates the full set of features from UberConference’s regular products, including the visual interface, Evernote integration, “social caller ID” with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+m and Twitter info, and “earmuffs” that let people create breakout conversations. Additionally, the business version of UberConference can be downloaded from the Google Apps Marketplace, which makes it possible to access an UberConference account from the Google Apps menu bar.

UberConference-parent Firespotter Labs, based in Pleasanton, Calif., has raised $18 million to date from Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures.

More on UberConference can be viewed in the video below: