eBay Xiu

Ebay isn’t giving up on China. The company today announced a new partnership with local fashion e-commerce website Xiu, which will sort through eBay’s inventory for pieces that will appeal to China’s culture.

Ebay vice president Melanie Tan said in a statement that the company’s sales in China have increased 40 percent over the last year, but only for those surfing the English website. Ebay entered the Chinese market in 2000, and admits that its past with China hasn’t been all success, which is why the company is excited about the partnership. It means that Xiu will do all the cultural heavy lifting for the San Jose, Calif. based eBay.

Xiu will serve as eBay’s cultural guide. It will look through all of eBay’s fashion listings available to China and pick out the best pieces that will be most desirable to a Chinese consumer. It will also implement well-known online payment systems for eBay, and translate the listings into “simplified Chinese,” according to eBay. Xiu will also take care of all the customer service needs in the customer’s native language.

The company does have big competition in the Chinese e-commerce industry, particularly with companies like Alibaba. Indeed, Alibaba reported its quarterly earnings this month, doubling its net income to $273 million. This comes soon after the Chinese company bought back half of a 40 percent stake Yahoo had in the company. The deal closed in September, giving Yahoo over $7 billion before tax.