Wii U Deluxe Set

Hold on to your wallets; November 18 is rapidly approaching. That’s the day Nintendo picked for the U.S. release of its fancy new system, the Wii U.

The world was a very different place since the last home video game console came out in 2006 (the original motion-controlled Wii). Within the past six years, we’ve seen two U.S. presidential elections, three James Bond films starring Daniel Craig, and nine handheld Pokémon games. So it’s okay to feel a little rusty when it comes to hardware launches.

That’s why we compiled all of GamesBeat’s Wii U coverage in this handy post. If you have no idea what the Wii U is, or what it’s capable of, start with our comprehensive primer. Don’t know what games to pick up at launch? Here’s a complete list of all 23 titles. Otherwise, dive right in.




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