Welcome back to Extra Hearts, GamesBeat’s dating site for our favorite game characters. We’ve already seen a few romantically hopeful guys and gals from the digital realm create their own profiles, but today we’re looking at Master Chief’s page. Yup, the green-tinted Spartan from Xbox’s popular first-person-shooter series is looking for a little love. I guess he’s really just a sweetheart under all that armor and emotional turmoil.

Let’s see how John-117 does in his mission to find a soul mate. Just don’t expect him to put any rings on any fingers.

Extra Hearts: Master Chief profile

Likes: Shooting, driving, and sleeping in.

Dislikes: Onion rings, hula hoops, donuts, bagels, bracelets, wheels, and Cheerios.

Why I’m here: I’ve been going at it solo for a while, but everyone tells me I’m more fun in multiplayer.

Our first night: I can go all night as long as you give me time to regenerate.

Politics: Green party. SEE, CORTANA?! I DO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!

Faith: I believe in believing. Believe.

My best feature: Probably my face.


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