Papa John’s, the popular pizza delivery chain, has been charged with a $250 million class-action lawsuit for blasting its customers with spam texts.

As CNN Money originally reported, the company was charged with sending a total of 500,000 SMS messages in early 2010.

Some customers will testify to receiving 15 texts offering a discount on pizza at awkward times, including the middle of the night. These plaintiffs are seeking $500 per unwanted text, but they could be awarded up to $1,500 for each message if the jury rules that Papa John is guilty of knowingly breaking the law.

The company used a service called “OnTime4U” to send the SMS messages, and that service is a defendant in the case.

The chain will be in trouble if it has violated The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which banned companies from sending ads and deals via text message without consent.

Papa John’s plans to appeal the ruling.┬áCaroline Oyler, Papa John’s head of legal affairs, told CNN Money that the corporate text messaging program is not subject to the lawsuit, as the text were sent “by third-party vendors and a small number of franchisees.”

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