Vimeo Paywall

Vimeo rolled out its new pay-to-view option for some of its video partners today.

The new paywall feature was first announced back in September along with Vimeo’s new Tip Jar feature, as VentureBeat’s Sean Ludwig reported. While the Tip Jar feature allows fans to contribute to the creators they love, the new pay option provides a way for those creators to actually make a living, provided that enough people pay for access.

Buying access to the video automatically loads it into your watchlist, which makes it easy for you to find it on a variety mediums, including mobile phones, tablets, and smart TV apps. Video creators can set the length of time a paid video can be accessed, and the geography of where its available.

Vimeo has always distinguished itself from streaming video giant YouTube as a place that attracts long-form, premium content creators — all while declining to show advertising on its platform. That’s nice because I’ve seen some really good short films on Vimeo that probably would have been ruined with banner ads and popup notes from the creator asking me to subscribe ever 15 minutes. The new pay-to-view option should provide the video service with an important new source of revenue.

You can check out the new pay option on a handful of videos, including Shut up and Play the Hits, We Are Legion, Beauty Is Embarrassing and a few others. The paywall option should be available to all Vimeo video creators in early 2013.