Welcome to What’s in the Box?! We’ve gotten our hands on another collector’s edition, and this time it’s the Call of Duty Black Ops II’s Care Package edition. Call of Duty has started to become known for its grand (and expensive) collector’s editions, and the Care Package is no different, with a flyable remote-controlled drone as the centerpiece. Let’s bust it open and check it out.

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For nearly $200 (assuming you didn’t get suckered into spending way more on eBay), you’re essentially paying for the game and a slick-looking but ultimately flimsy remote-control toy that your cat can karate chop in half with its tail. While napping. If you just want to be ridiculously extravagant and place the giant Care Package next to your RC car and night vision goggles, this bundle rivals Borderlands 2’s Loot Chest for the most grandiose collector’s edition of 2012.

But if you’re just after a nice Black Ops II package that’s several steps above the standard retail package, the $80 Hardened Edition is the way to go. It includes all the same in-game and digital bonus content as the Care Package, plus the two challenge coins, sans the semi-crappy drone at a savings of $100. You could take that money and put it toward the vastly superior Parrot AR drone, which will definitely survive its first flight.

The lack of an art book and/or the Season Pass are disappointing, but it still has plenty of goodies included regardless of which special edition you go for.