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Google has added some awesome new features to its YouTube Android app today that greatly increase the Google TV experience.

The YouTube app now lets you push any video you’re watching on your phone or tablet to a television that’s using the Google TV software (via set-top box or integrated within the TV itself). The feature is very similar to the Airplay feature Apple already offers to people who own both an Apple TV set-top box and an iOS device.

Additionally, the YouTube Android app turns your device into a remote control, allowing you to pause, scroll, skip to the next video, or see related videos. Not only that, but you can also connect multiple devices to the same Google TV-enabled television set.

The new features essentially turn Google TV devices into Google’s now absent Nexus Q (aka the TRON bowling ball) that debuted back in May at the company’s developer conference. The Nexus Q, which was delayed from launching to consumers, only allowed people to curate music and YouTube videos using their Android devices. And now that Google TVs can curate YouTube videos, the Nexus Q seems even more useless — especially when considering that a Google TV devices like the Vizo Co-star are about $200 cheaper.

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Photo via Korosirego /Flickr