LA-based incubator Science has spun off a recent acquisition into a full-fledged Pinterest analytics platform called HelloInsights.

The technology comes from PinPuff, a startup Science bought back in July.

The HelloInsights product is designed to help web marketers find the most influential and effective Pinterest users, the folks who are not only popular but who also drive traffic and help others make purchase decisions. It does so through a process of Internet forensics, tracking millions of users, page views, and even dollar-amount revenues, leaving brands with a very specific impression of just how much a given pinner is worth.

“It’s impossible to ignore Pinterest as a critical brand-building tool for any e-commerce company, and now the challenge, for most, is examining which tactics and influencers can best reach their consumers,” said Science co-founder and CEO (and onetime MySpace fearless leader) Mike Jones.

“The team of analytics engineers at HelloInsights have produced a platform that any brand can plug into to manage, schedule, and track their Pinterest campaigns in the most effective way possible.”

Here’s a sneak peek at the product:

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The HelloInsights leaderboard (proprietary but free to use) ranks Pinterest users by a few criteria, including number of followers, total users reached, pin virality, total reach, and engagement. The Science crew says this info alone can empower marketers to reach out to the right people, their brand’s natural advocates.

The platform also lets power users and brands do the usual enterprise-grade social media tasks: scheduling pins, viewing a live stream of pins about them, and wiener-measuring contests head-to-head comparison charts with other entities who also show up in pins.

“We’re seeing first hand the magnitude of Pinterest at our own Science companies,” said Jones at the time PinPuff was acquired.

“Pinterest is the second highest referral network for sales within Science companies, and Pinterest influencers are critical now to nearly any launch in the consumer product space.”

Top image courtesy of Apples Eyes Studio, Shutterstock