Adding gamification just got a little easier.

Badgeville, a firm specializing in gamification products, announced the launch of Badgeville Embed today. This new offering from the company will allow developers and software providers to add many of Badgeville’s tools without a lot of effort.

“The integration of gamification concepts such as motivation and rewards often improves the usage of enterprise applications,” said Alan Lepofsky, vice president of Constellation Research. “Organizations of all sizes can use these features to enhance customer engagement as well as drive employees to get their jobs done more effectively. With the introduction of Badgeville Embed, Badgeville has made it easier for software vendors to add these engagement mechanics into their products without a lot of development effort. With gamification added,¬†products often see greater adoption rates since people are more excited to use¬†them.”

Gamification is the concept of adding rewards and accolades to non-gaming tasks. Think of applications like Foursquare that give users titles for performing certain actions in the real world. This type of user-retention method is intended to engage users and to build a relationship with them in the hopes that they will stick with a product.

Badgeville offers its customers an ease-of-use with a unified interface, robust security features, and in-depth behavior insights.

To date, Badgeville has raised $40 million in funding, including a $25 million round led by InterWest Partners in May.