Sleeping DogsSome LG Smart TV owners can now enjoy console-quality video games without plugging in a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Cloud gaming company OnLive today announced that its service is now integrated into LG G2 Series TVs, making it the first commercial television set to feature instant-response streaming games.

OnLive said it delivered its new app over the Internet today to LG G2 Series TVs that are already in homes. It will also come installed on future TVs.

Players can demo games for free, or they can purchase or rent them à la carte, according to OnLive. Players can also subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack for unlimited access to more than 200 games, with more titles added monthly. The service also offers free access to social features such as game spectating in the OnLive Arena and sharing videos and Achievements with friends on OnLive and Facebook.

“Our partnership with LG has enabled us to take an important step forward in making high-end gaming accessible to everyone, across a variety of consumer electronic devices,” said OnLive Chairman Gary Lauder. “Gamers can now enjoy hundreds of amazing console-quality games with no new hardware necessary beyond an OnLive controller and LG’s fast and intuitive Google TV.”

Lauder recently bought OnLive’s assets for just $4.8 million after the company succumbed to mounting debt and laid off its workforce earlier this year.