Halo is more than just an astronomically popular multiplayer game, apparently.

In the 13.5 million hours that players have spent in Halo 4’s campaign in the first five days after the first-person shooter’s release, 1,116,882 people completed it. That comes from a blog on developer 343 Industries’ Halo Waypoint website.

Other stats and figures from Halo 4’s first five days:

  • 4 million people played Halo 4 on Xbox Live
  • 1.9 million hours spent in Spartan Ops
  • 16 million hours spent playing War Games
  • 31.4 million total hours spent playing Halo 4
  • 6 percent of players completed the campaign on Legendary difficulty
  • 43,335,060 unlocked Achievements
  • 2,675,140,836 kills in the campaign
  • 505,250,095 kills in Spartan Ops
  • 1,410,025,354 kills in War Games
  • 4,590,416,285 total kills in Halo 4 on Xbox Live

So, by now, Halo 4 players have more than exterminated enough Covenant baddies to equal the population of the Earth.

Halo 4’s popularity is no surprise, as the series has been one of gaming’s biggest franchises since its debut in 2001 on the original Xbox. What did surprise a few is the quality of Halo 4 now that its original keepers at Bungie have left it in the hands of 343 Industries.

Our review was highly positive, although the academic in our Threeview took issue with the game’s familiar feel.