Rumble Entertainment wants to bring triple-A console-quality entertainment to social and mobile platforms. And it aims to do that with Nightmare Guardians, a premium game that will bring real-time multiplayer gaming to tablets.

Greg Richardson, chief executive of Redwood City, Calif.-based Rumble, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the team has been working on the title for about a year, as it hopes to bring high-end graphics and rich multiplayer gaming — things that we’re used to enjoying on game consoles — to mobile tablets. The title is expected to ship early next year.

Richardson said that Rumble’s first tablet game will be free-to-play, where users can start for free and pay real money for virtual goods.

“Gamers are ready for the next generation of web and mobile games,” said Richardson. “Nightmare Guardians is our first step in bringing these kinds of irresistible and beautiful free-to-play experiences to the mobile space. We are very excited about the potential for mobile.”

In the game, evil creatures try to fight their way into your dreams. But the Guardians are there to defend you, stopping the creatures from turning your dreams into nightmares. You choose which Guardian heroes will help you. Richardson says the game combines intense real-time cooperative action with the tactical decision-making of tower defense games.

Rumble previously announced it was developing KingsRoad, a free-to-play, action role-playing game for web browsers. That game will bring 3D console-like gaming to Facebook and a web browser.

“I think people will be surprised that we have two separate teams working on titles,” Richardson said. “The perception has been that we were working on one thing.”

You will be able to play synchronous multiplayer games with friends over WiFi or LTE connections.

“We want you to get an adrenaline rush from irresistible game play,” Richardson said.

The company has 50 employees and has raised almost $20 million to date.

Earlier this week, Rumble announced it had hired two game veterans from Zynga. Brian Schneider, former director of design for Zynga on titles such as CityVille, will join Rumble’s team to lead retention and monetization. Another former Zynga design director, Steve Desilets, also joined Rumble to work on games.