Wired magazine’s got itself a new editor-in-chief.

Scott Dadich, the design vice president at Conde Nast, has been hired to take over for Chris Anderson, who departed the magazine for greener, more robotic pastures two weeks ago.

As Wired‘s former creative director, Dadich is perhaps best known for being the mind behind the magazine’s first iPad app. That honor, however, is a bit of a dubious one: While Wired‘s digital edition was one of the industry’s first, it was also notorious for being fairly poorly engineered: Issues often took up half a GB of hard drive space, which caused iPad owners a bit of a headache.

Either way, Wired parent company Conde Nast liked what it saw from Dadich, who was soon appointed to take over all of the company’s digital magazine efforts.

Now, Dadich is back at Wired, and fans of the magazine should be a bit concerned. Between stints at Texas Monthly and Conde Nast, Dadich has spent over the years a lot of time designing magazines but not too much time running them. So while the his design chops are certainly proven, his editorial skills definitely aren’t.

In comparison, former editor Chris Anderson worked at The Economist for seven years before running Wired, where he stayed for 11 years.

So, does the Dadich move have elements of “style over substance”? For sure, but Conde Nast and Wired need Dadich’s experience bridging digital and print, so we’re going to have to settle for style — at least at first .