Legendary rock band AC/DC is finally bringing its entire discography of music to Apple’s iTunes store — ending the band’s longstanding resistance to selling its music digitally.

With digital music sales now firmly surpassing physical album sales, very few large music groups can afford to withhold their work from such a large digital store like iTunes. AC/DC held out longer than The Beatles, Kid Rock, and Metalica. To my knowledge, only Garth Brooks remains as one of the last big arts to stay off iTunes.

Personally, I’m curious about whether AC/DC music will make much money on iTunes at this point. I’m assuming most of the hardcore fans have already ripped their CDs and added them to their iTunes library, or taken the less legal strategy of pirating them.

However, if you haven’t already used the methods above, the band is offering some pretty decent deals for their debut. You can purchase 16 individual AC/DC remastered albums,  a studio collection for $100, or the complete catalog for $150 with live performance albums included.

The announcement didn’t contain any indication of whether AC/DC songs would soon start appearing on streaming music services like Spotify or Pandora.

Photo via Imhavingfun42/Wikipedia