Sony announced today that is opening up the PlayStation Mobile store to developers.

The publisher is adding an open ecosystem while continuing to work with what it calls “managed titles.” This is similar to something like Google’s Android Play market, only Sony is determined to offer PS Mobile developers more support in terms of marketing.

“We’re drawing in developers to our platform that are doing really unique and innovated things,” Sony manager of PS Mobile Sarah Thompson told GamesBeat. “We’re not only giving them the platform to do that, but we’re actually giving them full support to maximize their success.”

This means developers can create a small (or big) game and put it on iPhone, Android, and PlayStation Vita, and it won’t cost them that much more to have it on Sony’s handheld. Of course, PlayStation Mobile also works beyond the Vita as many Android smartphones also support the PlayStation Certified project, which allows the mobile store to operate on those devices. Studios can set their own prices and release dates. This is an aggressive move by Sony to bring the fast and quirky innovations from the mobile space onto its platforms.

Thompson plans to send her team out to developers to work with them about positioning their games for the PlayStation audience.

“We want to be a lot more accessible than perhaps some of the other platforms,” she said. “We want to talk to the developers and work with them 1-on-1 — to hear about their games and facilitate their passion.”

Indie gaming isn’t going anywhere. It’s a huge part of the zeitgeist, and platform holders like Sony can only improve their standing with gamers by finding a way to be the home for those types of titles. And PS Vita could offer the perfect home for small iPhone-type developers who have a game that would work best with physical controls.