Sony is showing the PlayStation Vita some love … with a $5 Uncharted card game.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a turn-based card game for the Vita that ties into players’ actions in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, according to Sony’s PlayStation blog. It is coming to the portable device on Dec. 4 for $4.99.

In Fight for Fortune, from developers Bend Studio and One Loop Games, players must assemble a team of “Faction cards” composed of the heroes and villains from the Uncharted series. Then users can modify those cards with Fortune and Resource cards to improve their stats and aid them in attacking or defending the opposing player.

This card game will accompany a patch for Golden Abyss that allows players of both games to use the artifacts they’ve found in the Vita adventure title in Fight for Fortune. Although gamers don’t have to own Golden Abyss to play Fight for Fortune, and the card game isn’t free to those who own that previous Uncharted.

Will you stop complaining that Sony isn’t supporting the Vita now? I’m just glad that the intense demand for an Uncharted card game can finally come to an end.