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Reviewers found a lot to love about the Wii U. They praised its high-definition graphics as well as the GamePad, which is comfortable enough for young children. As GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb reported, gamers rushed to scoop up every available console.

The major complaint they found was the lack of battery life, which typically only lasts three to five hours. Read our round-up of the first reviews here.

But a few reviewers did far more than test out the console and play a round of virtual tennis — they went ahead and took the entire thing apart to expose the logic board. Here’s a snapshot of what they found:

  • The Wii U hardware is similar looking to the larger Wii. Getting inside the chassis isn’t all that different.
  • You’ll need a stack of razor blades to pry off the IHS.
  • It only takes half an hour to tear down the Wii U and put it back together.
  • IFixit’s expert DIY team was able to improve Nintendo’s design by three or four screws and one square nut.

Check out the detailed teardown descriptions of the Wii on iFixit and Anandtech.

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Top image via iFixit