Torch Partners entered the US market today and opened an office in San Francisco.

Torch is an international investment bank that focuses on technology, media, and telecom. It is based in London with offices in Berlin and primarily works with European companies and deals. The decision to set up shop in America is in an effort to strengthen the ties between its European clients and Silicon Valley.

“With the proliferation of entrepreneurship and startup culture around the world, we saw a vacuum of talent helping the global tech community,” said Sanu Desai, Managing Director.   While Silicon Valley remains the startup capital of the world, places like London and Berlin have become tech leaders in their own right.  The flow of ideas is outpacing the flow of capital.”

The firm provides strategic investment banking services on mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, IPO advising and any other financial concerns. Desai said that the time is ripe for a firm like Torch, because the entrepreneurship is heating up in Europe and startups are beginning to see the value of hiring on investment bank to act as a middleman.

“The bigger story here is the rise of a new generation of firms advising tech companies,” he said. “In the last five years, things have gotten very interesting as the bigger banks blew up and it created opportunities for a new generation of boutique firms to provide support for the best new companies trying to grow. The idea of startup culture has spread all over the planet and companies around the world want to make deals in the US and companies here want to be international. There is a need for people like me to bridge that gap.”

Torch Partners was founded in 2003. It has served clients including online travel business Secret Escapes, collaboration leaders Huddle and Workshare, data center company TelecityGroup, equity investor Summit Partners and food ordering service JustEat, which secured one of the largest fundraising rounds in Europe this year.