Online coupon company FatWallet says the economy is improving, as most holiday shoppers plan to spend at least as much or more on Cyber Monday as they spent last year. But most of what people are buying isn’t technology … it’s clothing, toys, and appliances.

The good news for online retailers is that a third of shoppers plan to spend more, according to FatWallet’s consumer survey of 600 consumers across the U.S, while 54 percent are planning to spend the same amount. And most shoppers — 62 percent — ¬†believe they’re going to get the best deals of the holiday season at the beginning of next week.

(One caveat on those numbers: they’re based on a subset of consumers who plan to shop on Cyber Monday, so they likely de-emphasize those with skinnier wallets to begin with.¬†On the other hand, of those who plan to shop online this Cyber Monday, only three-quarters said they did the same last year.)

Above: 50% of people are looking for toy deals on Cyber Monday

But it’s a bit surprising to see what people are looking to buy on Cyber Monday. It’s not technology, at least primarily. Here’s what people will be shopping for next week:

  • 70%: clothing deals
  • 50%: toy deals
  • 34%: appliance deals
  • 32%: tablet deals
  • 32%: laptop deals
  • 26%: HDTV deals
  • 23%: smartphone deals
  • 26%: other deals

Clothing, toys, and appliances. Ignoring the fact that the main point of Cyber Monday is online shopping, there’s not a lot of technology showing up … especially the traditional technology purchases such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and home stereo systems.

Which I guess is the good news for online retailers: online shopping is now truly widespread.

photo credit: Kevin Marks via photopin cc, spieri_sf via photopin cc