Yahoo office

Lionsgate is reportedly in advanced negotiations to sell off, with Yahoo at the forefront of those negotiations, according to AllThingsD.

TV Guide provides entertainment listings, video content, and news about (you guessed it) television shows. The service has a website as well as some nifty mobile apps that help you make sense of the hundreds of channels providing you with programming every hour. TV Guide has 24 million unique monthly visitors, and 7 million active mobile app user per month.

Yahoo isn’t close to finalizing the deal, and is apparently still determining if TV Guide would be a good fit within the company, according to the report.

With Yahoo deciding to keep its IntoNow app around, as well as increasing its focus on mobile tech, TV Guide would probably be a good purchase for the company. Yahoo CEO Marrissa Mayer also previously said the company was looking for smaller acquisitions to add to its portfolio, which TV Guide would also fall under.

Via Deadline; Photo via TheTechBlock