Developer Peter Molyneux is famous for overpromising and under-delivering, and he says in the pitch video for his and developer 22Cans Kickstarter project that he doesn’t want to promise anything — he just wants to deliver.

22Cans plans to┬áreimagine┬áPopulous, the god-simulator that made Molyneux a household name with PC gaming fans, for today’s audience. Godus, as the team is calling it, will take the human-shepherding mechanics of that 1989 release and adapt it for today’s far more connected player base.

Despite his desire not to make promises, Molyneux has already claimed he wants 10 god vs. 10 god battles in the game. Details are light on how this will work, and fellow studio head Tim Rance says they can only promise 8-player matches.

Developer 22Cans is still amid its Curiosity experiment. Curiosity is the smartphone app that has thousands of players tapping on a gigantic cube to find out what is in the middle, but only one person will actually get to see the secret in the end. It’s testing the limits of human curiosity and much more

Godus and Curiosity are only the first two of 22Cans’ planned 22 experiments. After years developing “god games,” Molyneux worked at Lionhead Studios with Microsoft on the Fable series.

In March, Molyneux left Lionhead to join Rance at 22Cans.