Maybe someone in the UK government has watched Skyfall too many times. Or, MI6 is having a really, really tough time recruiting Daniel Craig. Most likely, it was a spoof that someone will lose his or her job over.

But, for at least an hour, there was a job posting on the UK government’s website for an James Bond-style “elimination specialist.” And yeah, the job code was 007.

The link is now expired, but when it was live The Telegraph took a screen capture of the listing. While the salary is nothing to write home about — 50-60,000 pounds — performance bonuses are available. And the perks are pretty hot: jet packs, mini submarines, and yes, a Walther PPK pistol.

Above: A Walther PPK

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Prior military history is preferred, especially sniper experience, and interested applicants must be willing to “work on a non-attributable basis” and take care of people “whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order.”

Three big clues that this is a spoof?

One, the hours of work contain a misspelling: “flexitime” rather than “flextime.” Two, the ridiculous suggestion that to apply, interested parties should “express their interest somewhere near the large and rather fake-looking rock in Regent’s Park.” And three, the job reference code is the famous 007.

Oh, not to mention the email for more information:

James Bond most certainly does not use Hotmail.

Here’s the supposed job posting:

Above: The “James Bond” posting

Image Credit: The Telegraph

photo credit: johanoomen via photopin cc