Hotline Miami

Don’t worry, guys — impossible amounts of 8-bit blood will return in Hotline Miami 2.

Developer Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström, the creator of the stylish puzzle-murder-puzzle game Hotline Miami, confirmed on his Twitter this morning that he and his team at Dennaton Games have already begun preliminary work on a sequel.

That doesn’t mean that Söderström is abandoning Hotline Miami.

“Just want to make it clear that we’re still working on fixing Hotline Miami. We haven’t actually started working on anything new yet,” Söderström wrote on Twitter. “We only have some general plans for the next game.”

So a next game is coming, but he’s going to squash some bugs in the first one before he does anything else. That makes sense since Hotline Miami only just went on sale on October 23. That’s barely more than a month.